Shipping goods over seas is always a hazardous operation. Due to the enormous amount of freight that travels between the U.S. and China, these two countries continually exchange dialogue in order to make the process safer and more efficient. Recently in the Sixth Meeting of the U.S. – China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) in Beijing US Secretary Jacob Lew and Chinese officials discussed a few key strategies to develop The US/China relationship.

One major topic of this meeting was a commitment to high-level exchanges. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart reinforced previous agreements that the American and Chinese heads of state had reached and arranged for future meetings. A thorough discussion of security issues, the dialogue at the fourth round of the Strategic Security Dialogue (SSD) was candid, in-depth and constructive. It was beneficial for enhancing mutual understanding and trust.

Other matters included Military Relations, Mechanism Building, a Legal Advisers Consultation, Non-Proliferation Cooperation, Counterterrorism Dialogue, Law Enforcement Cooperation and others. Promote Exchange rate liberalization to promote growth between US & Chinese Corporations. Greater Transparency by the Chinese state owned enterprises.

Government officials convened these gatherings in order to nurture and sustain relationships. In much the same way, GSIS Inc. is your link to security for your materials and your business. We partner with both you and the international community so as to smooth the way. It is this kind of teamwork that makes our Ocean Freight Insurance an indispensable component of your international shipping.

We continually commit ourselves to your business, facilitating its growth as well as insuring its future. We keep abreast of both geopolitical and economic developments so that we may serve your interests most effectively.

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