As you know, a Freight Broker serves a vital role in the intricate machine that is freight movement. By connecting shippers and carriers who may not otherwise be able to find each other, you keep the industry humming.

Being a freight broker means investing large amounts of time learning the shipping industry inside and out. Then comes license costs, insurance, and surety bonds. This type of investment is too valuable to leave to any insurance. You must make wise choices. Not only are you expected to protect yourself, but you must look out for your shippers and customers as well.

Protect Your Assets with Insurance

Broker Shield Freight Insurance offers you a level of coverage that will protect you against unforeseen cases that your Carrier’s insurance company may not cover.

Broker Shield Insurance coverage provides you with all the protection you’ll need. From contingent cargo, all-risk cargo, to third party auto liability and the standard Property & Casualty lines insurance we protect every facet of your business.

Try GSIS Services & Policies

Our “value added” services set us apart from other insurance companies by including claims management and recovery services. We focus on making truckers responsible for any damage or theft, leaving your company to concentrate on moving freight. We conduct a contractual review of trading terms & conditions for both Shipper clients & Carrier agreements. We provide an evaluation of claims data and feedback, helping support your logistics chain. We have a training program that helps you understand the full scope of your exposures. We will also give you marketing materials that will help you to stand out amongst your competitors.

Don’t risk your company’s future with inadequate insurance, Contact us so we can help keep you moving.