The Federal Maritime commission is accepting feedback on proposed changes to the OTI Bond. The purpose of these amendments is to adapt to a changing market. The new regulations will affect the licensing, financial responsibility requirements and duties of Ocean Transportation Intermediary‘s. The FMC’s aim is to improve transparency and regulatory effectiveness as well as streamlining processes and reducing regulatory burden. Opinions are due by July 31, 2013 and can be sent to Karen V. Gregory, Secretary Federal Maritime Commission 800 North Capitol Street, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20573-0001 Phone: (202) 523-5725 Email:

These can be sent as confidential or non confidential. For non confidential, include an original as well as five paper copies and if possible a PDF to Include Docket No. 13-05, Comments on Ocean Transportation Intermediary Regulation Revisions in your subject line.

If you want your comments to be kept confidential, they must be sent by mail or courier. These must include a transmittal letter marked confidential and detail the extent of the confidential treatment being requested. Responses to requests including confidential material must contain the complete filing and be marked by the filer as “Confidential Restricted” with the confidential segments marked very clearly on each page. Confidential filings must contain an original and a copy of the public version which shall leave out confidential segments and be clearly marked “confidential materials excluded” on each affected page. For submissions or parts of submissions asking for confidential treatment, the Commission will allow such to the extent of the law.

Any questions about the filing process or treatment of confidential material should be directed to the Commission’s secretary, Karen V. Gregory at the address or phone number above.