An article from Go By Truck Global News stated that delays are likely on any rule making from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), particularly regarding anything controversial. Annette Sandberg, a former FMCSA administrator, said that the departure of the head of the administration and the naming of an acting administrator will probably cause big decisions to be delayed until at least the end of the year, or until a new administrator is named. This impacts such issues as the minimum insurance requirement rule that was expected to be published this month, as well as the entry-level driver training rule & TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association’s) supported H.R. 4727.

Also affected by the leadership change will be the electronic logging device mandate that Congress has been pushing the agency to get out by January, Sandberg stated, pointing out that the FMCSA has been pushing for carriers to implement e-logs as soon as possible, even in spite of a final rule. The issue is both controversial and technically complex, the article noted.

Another issue that will likely be delayed is any rule making regarding sleep apnea, though the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners has offered guidance as to when drivers should be tested for the condition.

In spite of the delay on future rules, the article stated, Sandberg warned that a number of regulations that are due to begin will be on schedule. This includes the requirement that all drivers maintain commercial driver’s licenses in their home state and the change in enforcement that will apply violations from one carrier to all other carriers who operate under the same company.