Holidays like the Fourth of July provide you all with rest from work, a chance to reconnect with family and friends and time for fun. Who would think that holidays also provide thieves with opportunities to steal the cargo that you work so hard to protect?

According to a recent report from Property Casualty 360° crooks see the holiday as a time to take advantage of undermanned police, tired and anxious transport workers and other holiday by-products to increase their ill-gotten gains. They stated, “According to CargoNet, a division of Verisk Crime Analytics, 30 thefts were reported between July 2 and July 7 last year, and in 2012, 39 thefts were reported for the same period.”

New Technologies Create New Threats

Sophisticated criminals are using technology to help them create fake bills of lading, web sites, insurance certificates and other documents to help them steal and then hide the thefts. Voice over IP phones can be used by clever thieves in the commission of their crimes.

Of course, you can use new technology to help combat theft with tracking devices hidden in cargo to help you track your product.

Best Practices

  • Keep cargo moving. Every stop is a chance for thieves to hijack cargo.
  • Make sure information about vehicles is up to date.
  • Prepare your carriers. Make sure that personnel are ready to deal with theft. Training is key.
  • Make sure that carriers know what to do after a hijacking. What are your policies and procedures? What are the best ways to contact the police or other authorities?

In the end, cargo insurance is a critical investment. In the case of cargo theft or hijacking, insurance protects you from loss. If you have any questions about preventing loss and protecting your shipments, please contact us.